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Using what God has Created, the Sun, to Power our Planet for Today & Tomorrow.
The Future is Now!

Welcome to our website. Our goal is to provide discount solar cells at wholesale prices to our customers, for diy solar panels and great for science fair . And we offer free information on building your own DIY solar panel, with our FREE E-BOOK and forum, to get you started. 



We Specialize in different cut solar cells.  Offering these specific sizes to construct the size of the DIY Solar panel you prefer:



We offer Free Shipping to USA & Canada! On Most all Products In are STORE

Also Discounts on International Sales

 We have very low prices.  Cheap solar cells  at wholesale prices  to build your diy solar panel .   Solar cells are great for Science FAIR Projects, and with using solar cells you can make big and small DIY solar panels for charging small Batteries to large Deep cycle Batteries.  

Add your project to my diy solar panel forum, or science forum

Solar cells are very good for science fair projects,, and lots of fun to show how you can make free energy from the sun,and many customers do make there own diy solar panels,, They work .. Have fun with your diy solar panels ..  if you make a science fair project please share it on the forum i am starting on science projects,and science fair projects, or if you would like to add your diy solar panel plese do so i would love to see it

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Science Projects FORUM


We have many repeat customers from all over the world, who have purchased our solar cell products to make their very own DIY Solar panels at a fraction of the price of what you would pay for a manufactured Solar Panel/ Module.

Our FREE E-BOOK is like on online tutorial for the beginner who is just learning about solar energy.  It has step by step instructions on DIY solar panel building and other information to help you along the way.  We also have videos and pictures from some of our customers who have built their own DIY Solar panel to give you some ideas for your own DIY Solar Panel .

With our support using our FREE E-BOOK  and other helpful information within this website you can start building your own DIY Solar Panel , OR PROJECT FOR A SCIENCE FAIR . start saving money today!

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Below is a picture of one of my own DIY SolaPanels  I constructed.  This is just an example of what you can start building.  Click on the picture below for instructions on building a DIY Solar panel like this one. 

   To See More Diy solar panels Check out the FREE diy Solar panels Help Links ALL fREE iNFO

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