Cheapest Solar Cells 3"x6" Half pv solar cells, Broken Photovoltaic solar cells for sale  place to buy solar cells for your DIY solar panels

36 3 x 6 Potential Half Solar Cells

$ 31.00 USD

This is a set of 36 3" x 6" Potential Half Solar Cells

In this set you will get solar cells that are broken, you get at least 1/2  3" x 6" to almost full.

Each cell will hit .55 volts

Amps or current range from 2.5amps to the full 3.65 amps

These solar cells work but have been broken or cracked rejects from factories.  Some may have solder or short tab wire on them this just makes soldering easer.

This is the best way to build  higher power solar panels at a lower price! 



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