Top selling lowest price 3"x6" short tab solar cells, for your high power DIY solar panels, sun power make free energy today and think green free power

36 3 x 6 short tab Solar Cells

$ 72.00 USD

This is a set of 36  3" x 6" Polycrystalline short tab Solar Cells.

This set of solar cells are list as "B" grade some cells may have very slight edge chips, this will not affect the output of the cell.

Amps per cel 3.65 on average some days will peak at 4 amps

Volts per cell.55 volts

This are considered short tab, because of some short tab wire on the cells. You can solder your wire or tab wire over top very easily and some times makes soldering easier to do with the tab wire on the bus line of the cell.


 The above payment method is using Paypal.  If you prefer another method of payment you can do so by clicking the link below to our Ecrater store. 

 We also accept cashiers checks or Money orders.  Please contact us if you choose this method.

 This is a nice set of cheap prices solar cells AT DISCOUNT PRICES they are short tab B-Grade,and they put out great power, This is the solar cells for diy solar panels

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