Low price dirt cheap solar panels, Rv solar or off grid solar and grid tie solar  Great for 12 volt charging OF rv solar systems  We have other sizes of solar panels just conntact me for what we have and shipping  to your area , we have solar panels from 3.3 watt  to  around  45 watts at low price

e-mail for what we have in stock  leslieeberly@juno.com  ask for David  you can pay with Paypal

We now have B Grade Solar Panels!!

These panels are considered as B Grade because they may have a solar cell that is cracked or chipped within the panel.   All of the solar panels are tested by us and they all put out the specifications to what is on the back of the panel.  If they don't pass the test then we don't sell.

Please see the videos below to see a test of these panels and to purchase them.



 we have B-grade solar panels at lower price,blemished solar panels at a lower price for the DIY Solar,we have solar cell to For your diy solar panel

If you need solar cells for your DIY solar panels we have them to  thanks for shoping  www.solarcells101.com

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