FREE How To Conserve Water energy Saving Tips and Ideas to lower your Bills at home

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We are working on some New pages that will have FREE energy saving tips for around your house to save  on Electricity ,water and other things around the house to save you money The pages are AD Supported


  Finding ways to save on electric is a most when trying to use solar panels and wind generators  or trying to live off the grid

1.  First thing is to lower the flow of water being used ,   So instal  low flow Faucet Aerators around .50 gpm or 1 gpm  most are around 2gpm from the store this will help lower your water bill and may be sewer and  A + use less Hot water because 25 to 30% of your energy cost is from heating water so the low flow faucet Aerator will save three ways 

2. instal a low flow shower head this is something i am working on at this time i have a low flow but its 2GPM and they have good ones that have good ratings that only put out 1.25 Gpm  This again will save on water and sewer and hot water  this is a big + that will help save big time on your energy cost and you will see a change on your bill for sure  one i am looking at that looks good and low price is the Niagara Earth Massage Certified 1.25 Gallons Per Minute

3. another good way is to instal  low flow toilet  with around 1.5 gpm or less 

4. Buying a two stage Flush toilet to flush just liquid or Solids   or you can convert your old toilet to a two stage with a Dual flush Toilet kit this will help to save on water and sewer Bills   

5.  This is a Big one ! Stop taking baths. By Switching to a shower you will save Gallons of water and this in return  will save you not only water but you will save on your sewer bill and the gas to heat the water.

6.  I see this one allot,, when brushing your teeth shut the water off brush for two Minutes and then turn the water on two clean the brush and your mouth you will save , again its not just water it can save on sewer and if your using hot water will save you gas

7.  Try to fix them drips they can add up big time , so many little things add to big savings when fixed

8.Check that your toilet is not wasting water down the drain.  A tip you can add food coloring to the tank and if the color starts leaking into the Bowl you have a leak that is wasting water  

All tips are free   pages are  AD Supported to keep free

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