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Making your own DIY Solar Panel doesn't have to be hard.  Check out our FREE E-BOOK  on Solar Panel building to make things easier for you.  It was created with the beginner in mind, with easy to follow tutorial instructions, and some helpful tips from other fellow Solar panel enthuists  on our Forum.   If we find any other free information along the way we will be sure to pass it on to help you.

Our E-Book was created by information we learned over the years from reading and personal learning experiences from myself and others.  It is completely FREE  for you to learn from, however, if you found any information helpful and you feel led to give any monetary donation to help our E-Book to grow and to keep it going, you can do so by clicking the donation link below.  Anything is greatly apprecited! Thank you  & God Bless!

 Below is a 60 watt  panel I made using  3"x6" polycrystaline solar cells.   Visit my FREE E-BOOK for instructions on building this panel.  My online store will get you started with the products you need to make a panel like this one or another size you may be wanting to make.

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