How to save on water around the house to lower your Bills   free Energy Saving Ideas    If you like plese share with others

 1.This is one i do all the time.  I re-use Rainwater for my plants and garden by collecting in a rain barrel This saves me allot of money , I am thinking of collecting the rain water for my toilet by having the barrel higher then the toilet and gravity feed it to the toilet tank this is something i am working on or collecting the gray water from the washing Machine to my gravity barrel to the toilet tank 

2.Try to wash your car with a bucket and sponge sometimes washing your car with a hose can use twice as much as a commercial car wash

3.I use this one, i collect water from my Dehumidifier and Air Conditioners you can us  this extra water for plants or your toilet  your paying big Money to run them why not use the free water to help save


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