Picture Gallery of DIY solar panels How to make solar panels with solar cells

 Welcome to our Picture Gallery.  These are pictures of DIY Solar Panels made from some of our customers. Some of the customers who submitted these pictures have also included some tips as well, click the picture for more info.  

 The two panels below are some that I  built myself.  Click on the picture to learn more on how I constructed them. 

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 This is my 20 watt solar panel, I am sowing the front and back, this is with glassand and plastic frame something called EZ TRACK siliconed the glass to it made the frame soldered the solar cells and rows and then added the solar cell encapsulaion on the back side to make a backing and a 100% water seal the solar cell encapsulation is more clear then the glass,

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 We want to see your own DIY Solar Panels.  If you have a picture of a panel you built using our products please contact us and we may display it on our website.  You may also Include some tips you learned yourself when making your own DIY Solar Panel.  We are all  here to help each other out that is what this website is all about!

 DIY Solar panel made  by Justin B. from  Kennewick, WA


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