More free tips to save on your Electric Bills, Energy Conservation tips   

1. Electric water heating , I Hate to repeat myself but with it being a big savings i Don't mind !! The more water you save in the shower  you will save on Heating the water and This goes with How much water you use for Drying your clothes . So again low flow shower heads they have 1.25 gpm that seems to work good and  Tap aerators at a low .50 gpm most sold in stores or what is in your house are over 2gpm so cutting this back  will save on your electric for heating that water, if you have a gas water heater this will save on gas, and water and sewer cost !!   SO BIG SAVING ALL AROUND ON THIS TIP!

2. Lights OFF  This you know but we need to make it a habit to shout the lights off. Try to teach your kids from the start to shout the lights off this can add up over time and help cut your electric bill .  Buy turning on and off lights will not use more electric , i have tested with a kw Meter there is a very small start up but very small and if you have the lights just off two Minutes will cover this start up if you go back in the room it pays to shout the lights off for every minute  and every minut is savings on your electric bill  

 3. Chang your chrismass lights or Holiday lights to LED This is a big savings and they are bright  and they are much cooler so less chance of fire. you can save up to 80% just by changing to led lights

4.  WATER HEATER  Try to keep your water heater temp 120 Degrees or less, I allways say if you have to add cold water in the shower the water is to Hot try to make the water Temp just the way you like it with out adding water this will lower your electric or Gas Bills

5.   AC UNIT   Try in the Summer  to keep your AC  UNIT Window AC, or whole house AC set at 77 degrees this is a setting i use some times 78 degrees  this does a nice Job at keep It cool and the AC does not run to Hard,,, If your going to be away for more the two Hour i would  shut the AC off or turn it up not to come on, I normally set it to 81 degrees when i go away for around two hours,,  Each degree below 78 will increase your energy use by 3-4%.    Cooling a Hot house down at the end of the day will use less energy always then leaving the AC running all day,   

More tips to come   if you like please share this page with others     The tips are free and are  ADD SUPPORTED 

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