Saving Energy  lower Electric Bills, Free tips on saving Energy By cutting are Electricity we use , This is the first thing we need to look at before thinking of solar panels or wind energy, 

1.LIGHTS  This is the first a simplest and Cheapest  way to start  to cut Electric and start saving energy Simply by changing your old light bulbs to CFL  OR Best yet start changing to LED lights for your home led is almost half the energy as CFL bulbs and much safer to use .  Are lights in are home Consumes about 10% of are homes electricity that we use By changing to new light Technology  we can cut are Lighting energy by 50% to 75% and you could save over $50.00 per year.

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2. COFFEE POT This is one i found is saving me money on electric Big time every Day. I drink Coffee and the coffee pot stays on to keep my coffee warm some times its on for 5 hours or more. so with me adding solar panels i was trying to cut back more to see my electric meter spin back more, SO My coffee pot uses 900 watts to keep the coffee warm,so 900 watts x 5 hours 4.5kw every day some days it was more the 5 hours any way 4.5 kw x 30 days = 135 kw off my bill my electric is $.10 kw so that a saving of $13.50 month.This is what i did to save this electricity i remember how long my coffee stayed hot at work sometimes over 9 hours in a Thermos SO I made the coffee and pored me a cup and the rest in the Thermos to keep hot this works great . Saves on electricity and saves on my coffee pot from running so long  

3.Drying Clothes  Some of the tips you do already but sometimes we forget about simple things  Like Drying your clothes on a rack or clothesline this is a cheap way to use solar and works great with out the high cost of solar panels to save, All the tips i give are a most before starting to but in electric solar panels are solar hot water heaters,  You can dry your clothes in the basement in the winter this works great and puts in humidity for them dry winter days, See how in many cases one thing for free can do more then one thing like when we save on water it helps save water sewer and gas to heat the water we are saving

4. Iron Less or not at all !! Try to purchase Clothes that do not need ironing This will Save you time and will save on electric, A Electric Iron can use 1200 watts or more, so for every hour of Ironing clothes would be 1.2 kw of power Used . How many hours do you use this , Again little things add up Little cut her and there will cut your bills Down

5. Your Computer. Most Desktop computers can suck up about 60 watts to over 250 watts and then add the watts to your monitor around 20 watts to 60 watts.if your using a notebook or laptop they use much less electric only around 20 to 60 watts for the whole thing. If you can shout the computer off this will save big time, But if your going to leave it on make sure you have sleep or standby mode on when its in sleep mode it will hardly use any electric at all.

   I check my DELL Des-top computer  with  my watt kw meter when its on  with the monitor off its using 150 watts when i am using with the monitor on 200 watts.  I check my little notebook for watts with the kw meter it was only using 25 watts this is what you need to use for playing music in the house not the big power sucker 


 TIP 1000 watts for one hour is a kw so if your electric bill charges $.10 kw and your computer total uses 300 watts and its on 12 hours a day that's 3,600 watts or 3.6 kw x 30 days 108 kw in a month just for your computer = $10.80 to keep the computer on at 12 hours a day see little things add up to big savings you don't need to change your life just change the way we think and do

6. Vampire power, or some call  phantom power   This Vampire power Can be a big  power drain of electric when stuff in your house has ac to dc transformers and this is allot of stuff from computers,TV, DVD players ,VCR's, and many other things in the house.  Even when the power  is off its still using power sometimes allot I tested my TV that is all plugged into a power strip and tested the Vampire power with a kw meter tester and i was shocked to see if i leave my TV system on and its small i use 33 watts 24 hrs a day this is not like tons of power but when your trying to SAVE  power and go solar this hearts  so this would be 33 watt x 24hrs  792 watts a day  792 x 30 23,760 watts a month so that's 23.7 kw a month x $.10 a kw  $2.37 a month  of power wast .   But how much more in the house  like the computer ? and is there more?   

I Made a video of the Vampire from my TV to show you the 33 watts this Vampire or phantom power is Real and will suck your power. i will be adding this Video !!!

 More to come i have allot to share on saving energy if you like please share on Facebook are what ever you use help get the word out

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